Welcome to Keyingham in Holderness, East Yorkshire.

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For those of you out there wondering where and what actually is Holderness, then take a look at this map. Holderness is the low lying area bounded by the Humber Estuary and Spurn Head to the South, by Hull and the hills of the Yorkshire Wolds to the West, and by the North Sea to the East. It was described by Philip Larkin as: quotelonelier and lonelier, and after that the birds and lights of Spurn Head, and after that the sea.unquote

The land of Holderness is very fertile consisting of boulder clay left by the last Ice Age and alluvium on the Humber flood plain. Much of this land bordering the Humber is reclaimed; indeed one small village is known as "Sunk Island." Two other claims to fame or otherwise for Holderness are that there are more pigs than people, and that it's coastline is being eroded at the fastest rate in Europe.

The general aim of this website is to provide information about the locality, which I find interesting but also may be of use to other people. So, make yourself at home, have a good look round, and feel free to leave your comments.

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