Current Weather at Keyingham, East Yorkshire.


Please note that for meteorological purposes, this website considers 2100-0900 GMT to be night, followed by 0900-2100 GMT being day.

Max. and min. T (red and blue triangles) refer to daytime max. and night-time min. T. Wind gust is represented by the red needle on the windspeed dial.

Weather conditions are monitored with a Watson W8681 weather station using pywws to log the data and upload it to this website. Measurements are made every 5 minutes, and the webpage is updated every 15 minutes. Please note that the station is based in a sheltered garden and measurements, especially wind speed and direction, are not necessarily representative of those in more exposed locations.

Cloud base height is the minimum height at which cumulous clouds may form. Other factors are at work to produce the actual cloud base.

The short range weather outlook is produced automatically by a 'Zambretti forecast,' and should not be used as a serious weather forecast. Please use the Met Office link above for weather advice.

The data from this weather station is available on the WeatherUnderground, and other stations in the area may be viewed here.

Current weather is also available through 'twitter' on your mobile or PC at: